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Jim Gaffigan
Letterman, Comedy Central Presents, Ellen
New York (New York City)
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Previous Comments

Jim Gaffigan was regularly making me laugh before I graduated high school, and there wasn't much to laugh about then.
      -Steve Hofstetter

Easily my favorite comedian working today. He makes me laugh, I try to emulate his delivery and I fall flat on my face. He's that hard to duplicate. He's also super nice.
      -Sean O'Connor

Jim was a very large inspiration to me, I've learned a lot just by studying him.
      -Michael DiMaria

Everyone should be as lucky as I was, to have opening for Jim and the packed to the rafters house that he drew as their first non-open mic experience. Very smart, very nice and extremely approachable--he was one of my favorite comedians before I started performing comedy and he remains so even now.
      -Peter Greyy

Jim Gaffigan is basically the reason I'm trying to become a comedian. I was lucky enough to finally see him recently at the Tempe Improv. Freaking genius. His patented audience-reaction voice is something that will go down as a comedic paradigm. He was even cool enough to sign my comedy book after the show. If there were a religion based on him, I would be the first Gaffiganian Pope.
      -Tad Moore

As a catholic midwesterner with glasses, some people compare me to Jim. The only difference is that I'm not the funniest person on Earth.
      -Rob O'Reilly

Jim funny! No, seriously! I once saw him take some verbs, a few nouns, a couple of adverbs and adjectives, then construct into an actual statement which made me chuckle uncontrollably. And that, I respect. I enjoy his dry, sarcastic ways. Sincerely!!!!!
      -Jud Heine

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