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TJ Del Reno
Pips, Comic Strip Live, U.C.B. Theater
New York (New York City)
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11/17 - 4:57 AM

11/17 - 4:57 AM


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Tj Del Reno is the announcer for Roller coaster tycoon 3 commercial that is airing all over the country so listen up. He will also be performing on the new TV show Laugh New York on channel 25 soon. The Comic Strip was his debut club but he owes all his success to Pips Comedy Club in Brooklyn, the oldest club in the country. Here he headlined his own show, did guest spots every Friday night at the 11pm shows, and became a regular comic with pay. He has opened for many Comedy Central, HBO,BET, and Vegas comics at Pips. TJ has performed alongside Jim Gaffigan at the New York Underground Comedy Festival in 2004. He performed in the festival again this year 2005 at the Laugh Factory. He has done Latino Laugh Hour with Jamie Roberts at NY Comedy Club, Mickey DiNicola and friends of the Howard Stern Show, The Comedy Village guest spots, and performs regularly at rooms in Brooklyn with Jon Laster and BET, Comic View, and Comedy Central comics. Please check his schedule for more info about shows. He is part of The Uptop Playerz Improv Troupe at his college. They performed a half hour sketch show titled "The Way Things Aren't", was part of The Del Close Marathon at the UCB Theater, and his side troupe "Scotchitory Tape" performed at a benefit for Hurricane Katrina at the Brooklyn Lyceum. TJ signed to a talent agency for On Camera and Voice Over work and was a finalist for being the host of a game show on The Discovery Channel. He also performs at his college and hosts many events on campus. Every sunday at 7pm on is a comedy show called "Nothing But Nonsense", he is a radio personality/writer/performer. Tj is also an excellent lover according to 4 out of 5 dentists.

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Birthday: 6/17
Hailing From: Toms River, NJ
Home Club(s): Pips Comedy Club,The Comic Strip Live
Comic Inspirations: Monty Python, Marx Brothers, Kids in the Hall, the State,Dane Cook, Jim Norton, Lewis Black, and all the rest of you!
Favorite Working Comics: Dane Cook, Demitri Martin, Louis CK, Jim Norton, Dan Naturman, Lewis Black, Stella, Gary Gullman, Eddie Ifft, and Joey Gay
Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, StelLA, and everything on Comedy Central.
Favorite Movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street, Star Wars Trilogy, Die Hard trilogy, Wet Hot American Summer, Super Troopers, Anchorman, Sin City, Kids in the hall Brain Candy
Favorite Books: American Psycho, Star Wars novels,
Favorite Music: Industrial/Rock/metal

I like TJ's joke about girls dropping the boyfriend bomb. It's so true, boys don't want to talk to you if you have a boyfriend. Not only is TJ handsome but he's funny too~ Hey....Remember in A night mare on Elm Street, when Freddy Cruger sticks his tongue through the phone and says, I'm your boyfriend Now Nancy That's my favorite part.
      -Rosie Rebel

This guy has a great energy on and off the stage. His set makes me think a little bit of Dane Cook, but he definatly has his own style and good original jokes that make me think Why the hell didn't I think of that?. Great comic, and brings good audience out to Pips.
      -Zach Frank

When Darwin discovered that every thing is made up of Energy, he had TJ Del Reno in mind. Or was it Einstein...? Who knows! TJ's funny. He rocks a show with edgy humor that really makes you laugh out loud, and his ability to take the crowd on his back but show them a new side of things is his greatest talent.
      -Josh Hyman

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