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Al Ducharme
New York (New York City)
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Al's got the ability to turn anything around him into a joke, and a good joke at that. he's one of the few comics I'll watch over and over, because I know it will be different every time.
      -Steve Hofstetter

Ok, so Al is so funny that fried rice came out of my nose, not really, but almost... in Boston Chinese food is married to comedy for some strange reason - but back to Al - he rocks! and me and Danny Miller were laughing so hard at Al at the Kowloon that there was no sound coming out of either one of us, and if you knew us, you'd know that was a rarity!
      -Stacy Kendro

I found Al is best when roasted! Add some garlic and boy does the italian in him come out. I miss performing with Al because he is never seriously and always funny and vice-versa dyslexic-wise ie never always and seriously funny. Not to mention the languages he speaks, all but one of them intelligible.Come back to the 'dammage Al! W.
      -William Sutton

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