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Josh Hyman
Josh Hyman
New York (New York City)
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A Costa Rica Vacation – The Stuff They Don’t Tell You
6/27 - 5:08 AM

Start Your Day Off Right; With A Fresh Cup of Conversation
3/30 - 5:08 AM


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Josh Hyman: If you know him, you love him.

Born in Queens, Josh spent his youth in Rockland County and his college years in the windchill wasteland of Buffalo, NY. Well he's risen from the snow drifts, appearing on any stage he can find, to make people laugh. That's what he does. If you want stupid-funny comedy about stupid-funny stuff, then Josh is the stupid-funny class president.

More about Josh: He's also an actor and a playwright. He's performed in venues such as Comic Strip Live, Gotham Comedy Club, Comedy Cellar, Glady's Comedy Room, Boston Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, StandUp NY, Stitches, and The Brokerage, as well as around the tri-state area with appearances at colleges in Long Island, NY & NJ.

Josh would like to thank you for stopping by and encourages you to read his blogs and also feel free to contact him with questions, comments, and your sister's telephone number.

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Birthday: 5/15
Hailing From: Rockland County, NY
Debut: 2/1/00 @ Comic Strip Live
Home Club(s): Comic Strip Live, Glady's Comedy Room, Stitches
Comic Inspirations: Carlin, Hedberg, Izzard, Leguizamo, DeGenerous, Rock, Williams, Seinfeld
Favorite Working Comics: Josh Hyman
Favorite TV Shows: the funny kind
Favorite Movies: Alchemy (because he's in it)
Favorite Books: the short kind
Favorite Music: the good kind

Knowing that Josh is Moroccan. I can truly say with pride he is an African-American straight from the motherland and welcomed on the basketball court with me any day.
      -David L Lewis

I found Josh at a Barnes and Noble reading cookbooks from Taiwan. I asked Josh why he was doing this and he replied Hey look, it says Bangkok, HAHAHA. Right then I knew he was a silly goose. Josh is an all around great comic. I brought him to my school to headline and they loved him. He's got memorable material and he's cute like a midget dying to get your affection, he also did my birhtday party at Great Adventure for free, what a guy!
      -TJ Del Reno

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