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Kelly Shannon
Rascals,Comic Strip,Whiskey Cafe.Ladies of Laughtr
New Jersey (Northern)
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God I hope I look so good at 60
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Kelly Shannon hails from New Jersey but, her heart has always been in the south. Having both parents born and raised in Nashville TN. that is where Kelly spent all her summers. She can Y'all with the best of them. Kelly always had a great sense of humor growing up and was studying acting in high school. Having suffered much tragedy (she lost both her parents and her boyfriend to cancer within 5 years) she contends that her wacky sense of humor and offbeat look at life is what keeps her going. Live every day to its fullest is her motto. Kelly now resides with her obsessive compulsive brother and co dependent cat. She is a Winner of the NJ semifinals of Ladies of Laughter and Winner Rascals new talent night. She has worked as an MC and opening act with Bob Gonzo and John Rizzo at Jenks in Point Pleasant. Buds Comedy in Dallas TX.Clearys in Waterbury CT. She has opened for Uncle Floyd, Jim Dalikas and Ed Gambino Gary Deleana, Paul Vanier Eddie Clark, Paul Bond, Mike Egan and The Coach. She Appears in Bob Gonzo's Newest film Rod Danger 3. Diamonds are a girls best friend. States Kelly, Im a womans comedian. I talk about the real things that happen to woman and the things we don't want you to know we talk about.

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Birthday: 7/4
Hailing From: North Bergen, NJ
Debut: 9/16/03 @
Home Club(s): Rascals
Comic Inspirations: Ellen Degenneras,Jerry Seinfeld
Favorite Working Comics: Same
Favorite TV Shows: Will and Grace,CSI,Las Vagas
Favorite Books: Anything by Janet Evonivich and JD ROBB
Favorite Music: Country

Hello, Kelly Shannon!! You may suck up...LOL...just kidding...thanks for the kind betcha I'll keep you in mind!! That night was alot of fun!!
      -Mundy Thomas

kelly shannon is sexy sexy sexy! her sexyness is undeniable. Aside from her sexyness she is very good comic. remember when u were a kid and you'd go to your friend's house and his mom started doing her stand up routine for you? thats kelly. She is an avide cyclist, cat lover, tribal headware colletor, and comic extrordinaire!
      -Mike Sgroi

Comedian Dorell Green
A good laugh heals a lot of hurt.

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