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Helen Maalik
Oxygen Newtork-Nice Package; ABC - 20/20
New York (New York City)
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Arab Pick Up Lines

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Helen Maalik hasn’t told her mother that she’s a Stand-Up comedienne and probably never will. Her mother thinks she has a decent day job with benefits. Her mother hasn’t figured out why Helen is always writing down what she says. Something about, “they’ll laugh at this”. She was born in Damascus, Syria, and came to the United States at the age of 7. It wasn’t easy growing up as an Arab kid in this country. She got relentlessly taunted by kids and developed quick wit and a sharp tongue. She even had to beat up a couple of boys in the 8th grade. Helen Maalik is a Stand-Up comedienne in New York City. She performs regularly at comedy clubs throughout the city. She puts an audience at ease as soon as she steps on stage with her charming and subtle presence, but wait till she starts talking. She throws jabs at her husband, marriage and being from the Middle East. Her well crafted material and sarcastic wit is gives this comedienne an edge and a fresh voice to comedy. She can be seen reguarly on the Oxygen Network's home improvement show Nice Package.

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Birthday: 9/11
Hailing From: Brooklyn, NY

Great stuff.
      -Pappa J.

Like Aaron Haber, I am also a Jew who has fell in love with Helen Maalik's comedy. I remember us starting around the same time at Gladys's Comedy Room in 2002, and while she was always funny, she is even more hysterical as the years go by.
      -Alan Schwartz

Helen is one of the smartest and funniest comedians out there. Her act will single handedly bring peace in the middle east by showing the world that arabs can be just as jappy as jews! If you get the chance, see Helen Maalik!
      -Aaron Haber

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