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Jeff Hansen
Chicago Improv-Zanies-Jukebox Comedy Club
Illinois (Northeastern)
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I'm Jeff. I am a stand-up comedian based out of Chicago. I am terrible at writing about myself so this may at times seem choppy and unsophisticated. I started out as an "actor" in highschool, but I had a difficult time dealing with theater kids... So I went into improv... I graduated from the Second City conservatory program at the start of 2005, and realized that I didn't really like Improv either. It was like the worst of traits of comedians meets the worst traits of drama kids... Class clowns with low self esteem. Ouch. I think, honestly, it was too "political" for me. Everyone had a "bigger" picture in mind, which is cool, but it's hard to work in an ensemble when the guy next to you in waiting any moment to break out and will step all over you at the drop of a pin. (Not that it happened, but that feeling sucks.) So eventually I got involved with stand-up, and I LOVE it. I had done it previously, but I didn't really "get it" at the time and so getting up on stage and doing a set was frightening to the point that I would get physically sick. I hated it... but I met some cool people who got me back involved and things are going relatively well now. Some of the larger clubs I have performed in are Zanies and The Improv in Chicago, The Comedy Cafe in Milwaukee, and Comedy on State Street in Madison. I'd love to get back involved with acting/sketch/improv, but it'd have to be with friends and for the right reasons. As for other shit... I have a kick ass family... My mom and dad are the greatest fucking parents I could ask for, and my brothers are cool as hell. I live in Chicago... umm... I work... I think that's about all I have right now. Check out my calendar and stop by a show if you're ever in the area. You can ALWAYS find somewhere to go for stand up comedy in the city. (It's not always GOOD comedy, but go out and support what we do anyway!) It makes for a great date... and most of the time we perform at bars... so you can still get drunk.

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Birthday: 11/21
Hailing From: Crystal Lake, IL

I am putting together a comedy showcase with procedes going to local charities. Would you be interested? That means some pay but I am not sure how much.
      -Mike Maxwell

Hey Jeff. Thanks for inviting me in your circle. I've been looking for a comedic posse to join. See you around.
      -Mike Maxwell

What's up, my brother! Thanks for adding me to your circle. See you soon!
      -Kelly Williams

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