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Owen Straw
Bumbershoot, BizKid$, Bridgetown
Washington (Northwestern)
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Emerging from the burgeoning Seattle stand-up comedy scene, Owen Straw’s comedic style of absurdist literalism has been capturing the hearts of audiences for years. Bringing a unique energy and deceptive intelligence to his bizarre jokes, Straw’s act weaves from quick one liners to real life stories about failure and heartbreak and sometimes a sing-a-long. Owen Straw has performed at festivals like Bumbershoot and Bridgetown. He has also won championships in pizza eating and semi-professional wrestling, released several punk rock records, created the World Extreme Pencil Fighting Championships, and appeared in movies and television, including the Daytime Emmy winning PBS series BizKid$.

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Birthday: 1/17
Hailing From: Seattle, WA
Debut: 5/23/04 @ Giggles(seattle)
Home Club(s): Comedy Underground
Comic Inspirations: Steven Wright, Redd Foxx, Andy Kaufman
Favorite Working Comics: Dave Attell, Jim Gaffigan, Louis CK
Favorite TV Shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Daily Show, Wrestling, Ali G
Favorite Movies: Road Warrior, Wild Zero, Conan the Barbarian
Favorite Books: Philip K Dick stuff, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy,
Favorite Music: Punk, 60s garage rock, heavy metal, dub reggae

Owen impresses me every time i see him on stage with his insane concepts and imagination. VERY VERY funny comic with tons of visual concepts that makes the audience always wanting one more. I have never seen him leave the stage without the audience laughing.
      -Jeff Dye

The rate that Owen is improving as a comic is insane, but insane in that good sort of way. He isn't afraid to be himself on stage, which gives him the originality and unigue style that so many other comics are stll searching for. Also if it weren't for Owen I would probably still be scared of monsters.
      -Matt Schmidt

Owen just performed in the first ever Seattle's Best Comedy showcase, and he was definitely the most complimented performer after the show. Many comics can lay claim to a sense of the surreal, few comics are as confident and patient as Owen is at this stage of his career. Owen KNOWS that his punches are going to be funny...and he isn't afraid of losing control if that perfect pause is left before he nails the punchline with full force. Amazing...and doubly so knowing that he's just going to get better.
      -Peter Greyy

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