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Geoff Brousseau
Commercial work
Washington (Northwestern)
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Geoff Brousseau is a youngish up and coming comedian who started performing stand-up comedy in Seattle Washington. Originally born in New Jersey and raised by a family of funny and neurotic alcoholics, Geoff was destined to do comedy in some form or another. Geoffs style would be described as autobiographical and painfully honest and easily relateable. He derives his comedy from stories about events in his life; such as his daughters, family issues, and opinions on the world around him. His style is very accessible and self deprecating. He is willing to say things about himself that most people would feel uncomfortable saying out loud much less in front of a group of strangers. Nothing he says is meant to shock people, it's just the truth and as they say the truth will set you free or something. Geoff has been a finalist in the Seattle International Comedy Competition and the Seattle Laugh Off. Geoff has been acting for TV and film, as is currently performing and writing for HaxTV a sketch comedy group.

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Hailing From: Seattle, WA
Debut: 2/27/03 @ Seattle Comedy Underground
Comic Inspirations: Louis CK, Ricky Gervais, Richard Pryor, Marc Maron, Dave Attell
Favorite TV Shows: Arrested Development, The Office
Favorite Music: Punk/Hardcore, good R&B, Stuff that helps me get laid.

Geoff Brousseau was the featured performer for the March 22, 2006 ComedyNight show--which is Seattle's showcase for the best comedy talent.

He rocked it.

The thing with Geoff is that he's always been funny. He's got great stories, he's got superb instincts, he's got a personality like a drunken hug... Recently, he's come back to Seattle after some road seasoning and is showing off some hard won chops--his technique and stage presence now match his natural abilities, making him an unbeatable performer.

I love his approach to material, I love his ability to connect with a crowd and I love his ability to turn his own frustrations and disappointments into enjoyable entertainment (rather than, as too many other comics do, into unending and often unfunny bitter rants.)

Seriously. Geoff Brousseau rocks the mic.
      -Peter Greyy

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