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Aaron Baker
Carolines, Boston CC, Laugh Factory, Comedy Store
Texas (Northcentral)
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There's a new voice in comedy, and crowds across the country are wondering... "He's from Texas. Where's his accent?" Aaron Baker performed his first open mic at the Velveeta Room in Austin, Texas at the age of fifteen and continued performing until he was nineteen. After graduating high school, Aaron took a long break from comedy to study Music Business in Nashville, Writing in Chicago, and Literature in Moscow, Russia. But comedy was always in the back of his mind. In 2003 on a visit to New York City, Aaron dragged his very pregnant girlfriend to Gotham Comedy Club, Ha! Comedy Club, Upright Citizen's Brigade, and The Comedy Cellar all within a few days, hoping to induce labor. His plan was unsuccessful. However, the baby known as "Hilariousness" was birthed once again in Aaron's brain, which sounds gross, but isn't. Upon returning to Texas, Aaron decided he'd waited long enough and began doing comedy again immediately. Within a year he had performed in Los Angeles, Chicago, Manhattan, and was "featuring" in many other places around the South, Midwest and West. Whether telling tales of his pet unicorn, Starshine, or pointing out the pitfalls of doing acid with a one-armed man, Aaron's comedy is fresh, original, and clever. There's no one quite like him working today, and audiences are singing praises that, if quoted, would end a short biography very nicely and require an exclamation point!

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Birthday: 9/1
Hailing From: Austin, TX
Home Club(s): Lone Star Comedy, The Velveeta Room
Favorite Working Comics: Troy Baxley, Bert Kreischer
Favorite TV Shows: The Daily Show and, um, 90210 but only up until Brandon left. It sucked after that.

So funny, so very funny. Not quite the southern belle I had hoped, but he more than made up for it with his hilarity
      -Pat Duffy

Aaron Baker has a very bright future ahead of him. Great writer. I love you Aaron Baker.
      -Curt Fletcher

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