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Dawn Henderson
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DC (District of Columbia)
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My kid and my ringtone!
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Dawn Henderson is trying to make noise about school safety!

Dawn Henderson fights Starbucks on her myspace blog & Washington Post


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Dawn Henderson is a professional Stand up comedian, comedy writer and actor who has worked both in stage and film since childhood. Anywhere from 10 to 20+ years depending on how old she tells you she is… and of course, you actually believing her…

Her daily adventures can be followed on Facebook through her many status updates and also on her MySpace blogs. Where you’ll see she has a “not so secret addiction to Starbucks”, as she frequents several locations in the DC area and the US while touring with her comedy. She thinks the coffee is ok, but she really loves the seating arrangements.

She also has an office job where she works for an up and coming multi level marketing business that will help people make money using the “work smart not hard” way she learned from her amazing boss man, which will soon be launched to the public. Many of her Starbucks friends don’t work, so hard but smart don’t rally matter to them.

Dawn is a single mother of one, a daughter, and seems to be at the home stretch of the parenting, as Kaitlin will soon be 18… it is unclear if when Kaitlin reaches 18 that she will become the 8th wonder of the world or not? … Simply for surviving the sarcasm and attitude of having Dawn as her only parent from birth to adulthood should at least get her a key to the city at the very least. My only hope for her is that she makes a copy of that key for mommy.

When Dawn’s not doing stand up comedy somewhere, she is teaching improvisational acting to kids in DC through DC department of recreation and parks. From September through May she can be found on Saturday nights at Jelleff Boys and Girls Club working the Roller skating program that she has worked since she was about 12 years old.

Telling it like it is- is not just how she is, it’s who she is… anyone who frequents her blogs or facebook page can tell you, she holds nothing back. And will give you her honest opinion when asked… and that can be crudely funny. Sarcasm is one of Dawns strengths in the comedy world.

Her future aspirations include having some tragedy revealed to her on the Jerry Springer show which will win her a lot of those beads Jerry hands out. Later to share how she overcame the obstacle on Oprah. Somewhere in her twisted mind she thinks there should be a t-shirt made in her honor saying “as seen at Starbucks” with a picture of her feet. Time will tell if any or all of these things will happen but becoming her friend is a good way to stay in the loop of what she’s up to. tc whirlabout scriptorium redshank; heterostasis. -->

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Birthday: 9/22
Hailing From: Georgetown, Glover Park, DC
Debut: 12/21/87 @ Garvin's Comedy Club
Comic Inspirations: Eddie Murphy

Dawn, I know that face, such a pretty one at that. You, my dear are one fantastic talant. I think we have worked together many, many, many, years ago in a television project. No, it couldn't have been you, you are too young for that many, many's.
      -Bob D. Caterino

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