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Jerry Shack
Broadway Comedy Club, NYCC, Carolines, Lantern
New Jersey (Northern)
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Jerry has performed through out New York City and New Jersey. He has was two contests in New York for best set of the night to get guest spots at New York Comedy Club. As well he has performed at the Broadway Comedy Club and Carolines in NYC.

He can also be seen at several of the local clubs explaining his distorted views of child rearing, job advancement, and what it is like to get older, ok be old.

Having lived in both Canada and the US in such fine places as Toronto, Texas, Seattle Wa, Kansas City, Boston and now Metro NYC (New Jersey) he has gained a wonderful appreciation for the subtle biases in each area. '''' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '&' '' '' '' '' '''' '''' '&' '' ''>'' '' '' '' '' ''

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Birthday: 5/14
Hailing From: Toronto, Canada
Debut: 8/22/04 @ Carolines
Home Club(s): Broadway Comedy Club New York Comedy Club
Comic Inspirations: Johnny Carson, Bill Hicks, Jonathan Winters, Woody Allen
Favorite Working Comics: Ellen DeGeneres, Brian Kiley, Larry David, Lewis Black
Favorite TV Shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Craig Ferguson Late Night Show
Favorite Books: Freakonomics,1776, Expletive Deleted
Favorite Music: Rolling Stones, Barenaked Ladies, Leonard Cohen

Jerry is astute, well liked, and only makes reference to fecies through another person. Don't let the AARP card fool you, this guy is vibrant.
      -Dan Frigolette

Jerry is an extremely funny guy with a zany, crazy awesome outlook on life. He is a class act in comedy, and a good friend.
      -Sandy Ehlers

Hmm, must have been something wrong with my browser. The picture of people making comments no longer blocks the first letter of his last name. I'd complain about me if I were you.
      -Ed Ayres

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