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Josh Filipowski
Idiot's Guide to Jokes, Law & Order
California (Los Angeles Area)
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JOSH FILIPOWSKI = Sex, Drugs, Math-N-Science. NYC born, Westchester raised, UW-Madison party-schooled, he founded Like 2 Laugh Productions upon his return to NYC in 2003, hosted his own radio show in Costa Rica and now comedies in LA.

Filipowski has produced and performed in countless shows, including projects for NBC, Habitat for Humanity, PAID or PAIN?! and March Comedy Madness. He lived in Costa Rica where he hosted "The Extra Extranjero Show" on Beatz (105.9FM) and performed all over the country. Now he lives and loves comedy in Los Angeles, where he performs every Friday at The World Famous Comedy Store.

Photo by Chris Casaburi

Utilizing his sharp wit and keen word play Josh entertains audiences from Senior Proms to Senior Centers, relating best with young professionals and college dropouts. A clever exploration of relationships and life experiences with topics ranging from meeting significant others to learning Spanish, Filipowski delivers hilarity guaranteed. Energized refreshing views on success, happiness, drugs, health and math combine with audience incorporation to create a truly FUN experience for all.

In addition to the comedy stage, Josh himself and his writing have appeared in several shows, short films, websites and publications including STAGE TIME Magazine, BEATZ106 FM Costa Rica, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jokes (Alpha/Penguin), American Greetings, The Comical Magazine, Time Out New York, New York Press, NBC’s Law & Order, Law & Order; Criminal Intent & Lipstick Jungle.

Filipowski is the Gandolfini of comedy.
-George Sarris

The longer his hair gets the funnier he becomes.
-Christian Finnegan

Josh Filipowski is an ill cat who rocks the mic.
Dan Curry

You will always possess a charm and sense of humor that attracts others. Lucky Numbers 40, 35, 12, 47, 38, 22
Uncle Dais Fortune Cookie

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Birthday: 3/16
Hailing From: Rye Brook, NY

Josh gave me something recently that I haven't recieved in a very long time, and that my friends is the gift of laughter. I recently saw him at the Boston Comedy Club and man did he tear that place apart. He has a very condescending and original style that seems to have all the makings of a comedic jaugernaut. Watch out for this guy NY.
      -Barry Rothbart

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