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Denis Donohue
New York (New York City)
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Previous Comments

Denis's uncanned, storytelling style really engages the audience and delivers big laughs. He's also one of the best comedians to hang out and riff with offstage.
      -Phil Mazo

Denis finds the funny in everyday life in an uncanny way. Smart material, cool guy, the perfect combination.
      -Tim Jones

Denis is a funny guy, simply put. Some people say oh, that guy's a good comedian or he's a great writer - but Denis Donohue is just simply funny. On or off stage.
      -Steve Hofstetter

Denis has some great material and he can keep hitting a point home until it becomes hilarious. I definitely recommend seeing his show!
      -Carlos Saenz

Denis is a powerhouse. By the end of his set he will have destroyed the crowd, made the other comics crack up and somehow impregnated your girlfriend. So go see him, but beware.
      -Mike Trainor

NYC has a lot of talented people. This one has a car. Denis Donohue, double threat.
      -Moody McCarthy

Denis is one of the nicest, coolest, funniest guys I have had the pleasure of working or hanging out with.
      -Justin Worsham

Incredibly engaging and unbelievably entertaining, once Denis starts his set, audiences don't want him to stop.
      -Rob Gleeson

Hey, its Burnsable from baker, I just gotta say your show was the shit, I hope your walk wasnt to bad, we coulda got you a ride. I hope to see more of your work. let me know if you ever end up in montana again.
      -chad burns

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