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Carin MacWithey
Underground Bluez, The Improv Orlando, Bonkerz
Florida (Eastcentral)
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My Progression in Stand-Up Comedy: My first time on stage was at Austin's Coffee & Film in Orlando Florida at the age of 18. Like most comics, it started out as just a fun hobby I would do from time to time. I never foresaw what this hobby would grow into. I quickly realized that the more I came out, the funnier I got, and the more friends I made. (Other comics)

Being a native Orlando comic, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most supportive people in the business, from other comedians, to die hard fans, to even club managers. Also, been lucky in the aspect of there being many successful club in the area to build relationships with; not only do I know how to rock the mic, but also gotten an education on the business side of things, an advantage I owe to Bonkerz Comedy Club.

My dream and my drive for comedy has quickly led me to other stages, other clubs and other cities. performed in front of crowds from 3 people to over 300 people.

What do you get when you cross a Japanese american princess with a southern redneck? You get Comedian Carin MacWithey! She shocks audiences with her childish look, yet over the top subject matter. This 3rd generation Japanese, southern belle will have you crying from laughter as she guides you through her life experiences which include; her time in jail, how she found out her mom is a screamer, and counting strippers... black eyes.

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Birthday: 4/24
Hailing From: Orlando , Florida
Debut: 1/4/05 @ Austins Coffee Shop
Home Club(s): austins, bonkerz, joke boys, improv, random bars
Comic Inspirations: George Carlin, Eddie Izzard, Bill Hicks, Sarah Silverman, Maria Bamford
Favorite Working Comics: Arnie Ellis, Kendra Corrie, Carmen Vallone, Pedro Lima, Patrick Garrity, Roy Hayber
Favorite TV Shows: Family Guy, Kids in the hall, Stella, The State, UCB, Monty Python, the young ones, six feet under, curb your enthusiasm
Favorite Movies: sixteen candles, the breakfast club, harold and maude, high fidelity, crippled masters, the jerk, brain candy, young frankenstein, life of brian, land of the dead, from dusk till dawn, what dreams may come, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, broken flowers, the aristocrats, what about bob?,
Favorite Books: angels and demons, high fidelity, reading for dummies
Favorite Music: the cure, the beatles, paul simon, devo, granddaddy, inxs, frank sinatra, u2, neutral milk hotel, the beachboys, mos def, tribe called quest, spoon, the pixies, weezer, the postal service, fischerspooner, aphex twin, bjork, fiona apple, tv on the radio

I love Carin!
      -Carmen Vallone

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