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James Blumenfeld
The Comedy Studio, Punchline, Loonees, Bonkerz FL
Massachussetts (Boston)
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At 52 years of age I possess (or am cursed with) an off beat sense of humor (OK, hardly a rare claim from a comic). I joined the stand-up scene upon going to The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square and thought to myself "hey, I can do this", to which my wife responded "Shhh, you're doing that thing again". I think that people are driven to perform stand-up because they see others perform and think "that's not how I see the world". And then (even though in my case my parents did love me) they have to make a spectacle of themselves in pursuit of some curious truth. Plus it's fun; scary fun. Light a firecracker & try to throw it out of the window fun. The kind of fun that can blow up in your face fun, sometimes, questionable fun.

I have the rugged good looks of John Malkovich with the strong moral character of Larry David. And, a damn good feedback rating on eBay too. Since that sadl night I have appeared at a wide variety of shows in New England, New York, Detroit, Colorado Springs, Atlanta, Las Vegas & Orlando (Now, that's comedic resume gold!). I am a semi-regular at Loonees Comedy Corner in Colorado Springs where my daughter goes to college (at Colorado College, not at Loonees - that would just be wrong - she's "underage"). I did a show at the Boston Comedy Festival too. Plus I am a regular at The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square. Naturally, I have appeared at numerous dive bars whose claim to fame seems to be that they are Darwin Award finalist training facilities (with scant physical injuries). I did once arm wrestle a drunk women during my set though; oh the humiliation! I might have broken her arm; now that would have put some 'snap' into my comedy. I've also been a guest host on the Regis and Kelly show (OK, I made that last one up, but all that other crap is true and if you're reading this far you deserve a WTF). I am also involved in auto racing as a driver, a high performance track instructor, a stage captain at northeast high speed rally races and I drive the pace car at New Hampshire International Speedway. I also have a part time job as an instructor at an Advanced Driving School where we teach teenaged drivers hi-speed accident avoidance skills & probably how to escape the police. So, I am fearless, or in self denial; you be the judge.

Also, for some hard to explain reason I am a member of the International Society of Explosives Engineers. This is not to imply that I bomb but you ought not fuq with me none-the-less. Oh, and PayPal Accepted.

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Birthday: 2/21
Hailing From: Needham, MA
Debut: 10/21/05 @ The Emerald Isle
Home Club(s): The Comedy Studio
Comic Inspirations: Mitch Hedberg, Steven Wright, Mel Brooks, Rodney Carrington
Favorite Working Comics: GW Bush
Favorite TV Shows: oxymoron
Favorite Movies: Three Amigos
Favorite Books: Yellow pages
Favorite Music: Classic rock; Blue Oyster Cult, Grateful Dead, NOT ABBA!

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