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David Beck
Fox Sports Radio, Discovery Channel, The Icehouse
Missouri (Southwestern)
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David is originally from a small town in Virginia. He now resides in Springfield, Missouri. (Thanks to marrying the woman with the loudest laugh in the comedy club one night) Originally starting out as an observational comedian, but now he has grown into a more versatile higher energy style which includes quick one liners. Silly often thought provoking sometimes edgy social commentary. Never one to leave himself out of the show, everything in his personal life is fair game, his upbringing, everything he cares about and things he doesnt, and of course his experience with married life. Unlike a lot of comedians David chooses to stay positive about marriage, never attacking it or his wife in the process. David feels telling the truth about marriage is helpful not negative, and men and women alike are entertained by his unique view of this relationship between the sexes. The truth is one reoccurring theme in Davids comedy. He chooses not to make up wild scenarios or characters to find humor. This is a key aspect of his show, and feels people can relate better to him by letting people know who he really is, and how he sees the world around him. David does how ever have an off beat way of thinking, and it is easy to think his material is made up or embellished, but as the show goes on the audience quickly realizes his brain is just a little off, and thats usually when he hears his one of his favorite compliments, Youre not right! One of his other favorite compliments is when people mention how clean his show is, with a lack of colorful language, or explicit material. This just expands his appeal to a wider range of audience. David is quick to point out that his show is not G rated but an adult show with some innuendo that doesnt use vulgarity to get his point across. If you were to ask David how funny he is, or how talented, he would just simply say I can hold my own. He believes his show and his accomplishments will speak for themselves and doesnt need to tell everyone he meets how good he is. You will notice there is no reference in this bio to him being the Next big thing, or the like. David has been blessed with the opportunity to entertain people across the country, and recently around the world, with a tour entertaining our military in Japan and S. Korea. Working some of the best comedy clubs including, The Ice House in Pasadena, CA. Numerous Improvs, Funnybones, as well as other top rooms including, The Loony Bins, Joeys comedy club, Crackers, The Comedy Showcase, and Jrs Last Laugh, just to name a few. Not limited to just comedy clubs, David has a resume full of radio and television appearances. He has been heard on Fox sports radio, and the nationally syndicated Todd and Tyler morning show. TV appearances include the Sprint: Comedy Time Network, and Night Shift. He as even ventured into the serious side of TV with roles in Discovery Channel programming such as, The Prosecutors, New Detectives, and The FBI Files. hence -->
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Birthday: 7/14
Hailing From: Richmond, Virginia
Debut: 4/1/94 @ Thoroughgood Inn Comedy Club
Home Club(s): Thoroughgood Inn Comedy Club, Virginia Beach, VA
Comic Inspirations: Brett Leake, Lord Carrett, Mark Cordes
Favorite Working Comics: See Above, plus: Averell Carter, Keith Alberstadt, Mark Lundholm, Tim Young, Steve McGrew,Doc Barham
Favorite TV Shows: The Shield, That 70's show (When I'm not watching sports)
Favorite Movies: All Star Wars Movies, The Punisher,
Favorite Books: Anything Political
Favorite Music: Rock

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