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Justin Worsham
Comics without Borders on Showtime
California (Los Angeles Area)
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Justin Worsham on Showtime

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Justin Worsham is a Good Husband! He has been described as, “the voice that lives in every man’s head,” and “The Nicest Jerk Around. His comedy attacks the lack of rational thought within the institution of marriage, and the insane behavior of snobs. Justin grew up in Modesto, CA, which is also the birthplace of George Lucas. His parents divorced when he was 6 and his father met who would be his step-mom soon after. Up until this point, Justin was an only child. Now he had a new mom and a brother, and sister. His brother and sister were not as excited about the prospect of a little brother. His brother would read Martial Arts magazines and would practice his knowledge on his new little brother. He knew he wanted to be a comedian when he was in 1st grade. He would watch Bill Cosby as Himself, and Robin Williams at the Met religiously. He would also steal his Dad’s copy of Eddie Murphy’s Comedian and listen to it in his closet. His love for comedy took a turn when his teacher asked him his class to draw a picture of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Justin drew a picture of a guy in front of a mic stand. This didn’t take to long which left Justin time to notice that his classmates were drawing firemen, doctors, and police officers. Embarrassed he quickly changed his picture into a scientist. In High School he played football, played maybe 3 downs all year and decided to try something else. He chose Drama. He would star in every play for his junior and senior year and was also voted most talented his senior year. He also met his wife his senior year. They moved in together 6 months after graduating and have been together ever since. When he was 17, he was cast at a theme park in San Jose, CA, Paramount’s Great America. As a Ferengi, from Star Trek, he was their youngest performer. He was soon cast to host the park’s Nickelodeon show. In 1999 at the age of 18, and after only one year of workshops, he was asked to join the performance company of ComedySportz. He would continue to work for both ComedySportz and Great America for the next 7 yrs, performing and teaching workshops in improvisation and team building in the corporate arena. With ComedySportz he performed short form improvisation all over the country in places like, Austin, TX, Washington D.C., and Chicago. He also began attending San Jose State University, where he studied Radio, Television, and Film. He was also a part of the Honors Humanities Program. At the Age of 21 he proposed to his wife at ComedySportz while playing an improv game similar to “Whose Line’s” props. They were married the same day the following year. A cashier at a grocery store once assumed that the reason his wife married Justin so young was because she was pregnant. She told the clerk that is was just because she likes him. After a year and a half at SJSU he could no longer afford to stay in school and the Bay Area. He moved home to Modesto and continued to go to school to become an Elementary School teacher. He began to miss making people laugh and got an opportunity to come to Los Angeles and study with Second City. So he gave up the life that makes sense to pursue a career in comedy. Today, Justin and his wife make their home in North Hollywood. They are expecting their first child on Aug 31st, 2008. His first album Justin Worsham: I'm a Good Husband can be heard on National Lampoon Radio, and Sirius Satellite Radio. Also Justin has just taped a Showtime special called Comedy Slam with Russell Peters. hence -->

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Birthday: 1/24
Hailing From: Modesto, CA
Debut: 4/9/06 @ Hollywood Improv
Home Club(s): Rooster T Feathers
Comic Inspirations: Robin Williams, Bill Cosby, and Ray Romano
Favorite Working Comics: Todd Glass, Tom Wilson, Ron White, Jimmy Pardo, Troy Baxley
Favorite Books: I Killed
Favorite Music: That Irish song from the Departed Shippin off to Boston

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