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Andy Mulholland
Village Lantern, Stand up NY
New York (New York City)
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Alex Fossella

Raquel D'Apice

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Here is what some other famous Andrews have to say about Andy Mulholland

Andrew Lloyd Weber- Andy Mulholland is as funny as I am gay

Andrew Carnegie- Andy Mulholland's distracting wit and sparkle allowed me to crush organized labor for another 6 years.

Andrew Shue- I'm pretty sure Andy Mulholland tagged Marcia Cross and my sister Liz at the Melrose Place rap party, that guy's a dick.

Andrew Johnson- During my impeachment trial Andy Mulholland kept my spirits aloft with his delightful send up of Jefferson Davis.

Julie Andrews- Andy Mulholland was flown to the set of Mary Poppins to help me beat my 14$ a day skittles habit. That man is an icon.

St Andrew- I meet Jesus first, then he picks my brother Peter to found the Church, That is Fucked! Andy Mulholland somehow just gets me.

Hurricane Andrew- before Katrina and Rita, I was real big, tons of damage. I was all over the news man. Andy Mulholland remembers shit like that.

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Birthday: 4/22
Hailing From: Garden City, NY
Debut: 1/1/06 @ Stand Up NY
Home Club(s): Stand Up NY
Comic Inspirations: Howard Stern
Favorite Working Comics: Not a big stand up comedy fan
Favorite TV Shows:
Favorite Movies: The Blues Brothers
Favorite Books: The Powerbroker
Favorite Music: Phish

He just showed up out of nowhere and was funny as shit. I don't know how he does it, but I think he could get away with saying pretty much anything. AND make it funny.
      -Raquel D'Apice

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