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Barry Rothbart
Comic Strip Live, Tribeca Film Festival
New York (New York City)
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10/24 - 4:17 AM

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10/24 - 4:17 AM


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Hailing From: Queens, NY

When will Judith Miller admit it, Barry is her source
      -Jeff Cerulli

Barry Rothbart is a very nice guy. He's hard working and good tto his family.He won't bother you if you don't bother him. Just keep to yourself and let him do his own thing. He's not looking to pick a fight with you but if you instigate then he will lash out at you. It makes sence.He's gotta stand up for himself and look out for himself, in this life if you don't no one will. He will one day be famous and have body guards and a bitch publicist from Huntington Long Island and a personal assistant from Boyse Idaho who's real nice on the phone if your lucky enough to get through to her but good luck if your waiting to hear back from her, remember your on the bottom of her prioroty list. Barry will get there indeed one day on account of being funny and a nice guy but he may still encounter a great degree of difficulty convinceing the world that he coined any phrase that contains the word creepy.
      -Danny Lobell

Barry is truly one of the up and coming comics in NYC. His material is very clever and has the prescence of a comic vet.
      -Johnny MacDonald

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