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AJ Finney
2014 BOTM Laugh Fest, CC UP Next, Fox HBO Lucky 21
Colorado (Northeastern)
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This is one Funny Dude...saw him in Kansas City at Stanford's, I think he is a comedian's comedian, he made me more laugh. Watch this one he is going places.
      -Longhorn The Comedian

Very, very funny! A.J.'s got rhythm. He pulls you quickly into his world, and you'll laugh until you leave. Then later you'll laugh again. If you get a chance to see/book him - DON'T MISS IT!
      -BradChad Porter

AJ tore up last year's Iowa Comedy Festival during the "Best of the Midwest" Showcase. He's an incredibly funny and gifted writer who has great things ahead of him. Hell, he's got a lot of accomplishments under his belt already, so just think how bright his future is!
      -Joel Fry

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