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Rosie Tran
New York/Hollywood Improv, Laugh Factory, etc...
California (Los Angeles Area)
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Comedian Rosie Tran on Joey “CoCo” Diaz’s Podcast, “Church of What’s Happening Now!”
3/23 - 4:57 AM

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11/20 - 4:18 AM


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Rosie Tran is a New Orleans comic and is now an L.A. based comic. Rosie Tran is the only Vietnamese-American female stand up comic in the entire Universe. Rosie Tran loves to make people laugh, write jokes, and stalk hot guys. Rosie Tran got into stand up to prove that sometimes women can be funny, dammit...and to stalk hot guys.

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Watch my comedy clip at the Hollywood Impov!

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Birthday: 1/11
Hailing From: New Orleans, LA
Home Club(s): Joke Gym, True Brew Theatre (New Orleans, LA), The Hollywood Improv
Comic Inspirations: Any struggling, working comic out there living the dream...
Favorite Working Comics: Lisa Lampanelli,Keith Stubbs, Russ Meneve
Favorite TV Shows: 80's sitcoms, Quantum Leap, Food and Oxygen Networks
Favorite Movies: Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon, Indochine, The United States of Leland, Garden State, Royal Tenenbaums, etc.
Favorite Books: Cook books and Meditation/Self-help books
Favorite Music: Pop, Country, 504 Hip Hop, Classical, Jazz, Girl Scout Camp Fire Songs

Rosie has more comments than everyone else on the Soapbox put together.
      -Joseph Neibich

Rosie isn't Asian. She just has a really good hair straightener.
      -Natalie Gray

Rosie is hilarious and a sweetheart. I love her comedy and her sexy flat butt.
      -Courtney Cronin

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