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Dave Bothun
Laughs Unlimited, Punchline, Pepperbellys.
California (Sacramento Area)
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Dave Bothun is a quick-witted, likable comedian. He's the kind of guy you'd like to go to the ball game or go have a beer with. Dave treats his audience like his buddies and never talks down to them. He writes great material, and his delivery is so natural you'll feel like he's an old friend right from the start of his show. Dave's show is truly laugh out loud funny! Keep an eye on Dave Bothun--this guy is definitely going places..

Dave Bothun is a natural entertainer. Born into a large extended family in Fremont, California.... in the San Francisco Bay Area.

From a very early age, Dave has been capable of captivating an audience. He fell in love with making people laugh as a little boy entertaining at family gatherings. Impersonations, singing, and telling jokes became his passion...until he was "lifed" on. It all changed. Dave became one of "them".Then, through some heavy reading and reflection, Dave realized he was not being true to his soul. The search was on...for a very long time.

In brief, with a tour in the Marine Corps, three divorces, ten years driving a truck, a twelve year old son, and thirty-five jobs later...he came to a place where it was do or die. Do what you love or die from conformity...

Since that epiphany, David has been performing in competitions, pubs, bars, colleges, casinos, and comedy clubs throughout the U.S. He is doing what he loves and the audiences love what he is doing. Once again, he is captivating audiences.

Dave has the ability to relate to everyone in the most sincere way. He touches upon what is current but his focus is human behavior. He is candid in his delivery. He is never offensive in his riffing or cajoling. He is a truly likable and relatable man. In performance, his warmth shines on and embraces the audience. In business, his professionalism, honesty, and integrity are in tact. As a road comic and comedy club feature, Dave has received accolades from fellow comics, venue owners, the press, and most of all, his audience.

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Birthday: 6/8
Hailing From: Fremont, CA
Debut: 3/15/02 @ Laughs Unlimited
Home Club(s): Laughs Unlimited, Punchline, Poepper Belly's
Comic Inspirations: Sienfeld, Cosby, Eddie Murphy(first com cd)
Favorite Working Comics: Tim Mars, Jason Resler, Jon Reep,
Favorite TV Shows: Comedy Central Presents, LCS
Favorite Books: The Artists Way

Those kids. (Insert arm motion).Good to see you. And good working with you on the road. Check back to your site to see if you booked some stuff!!-Tim
      -Tim Mars

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