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Mistress of Smartassery
Minnesota (Southern)
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Pussy, Pussy Good, Pussy, Pussy REAL Good!!!

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Kids & Sex
3/1 - 1:53 PM

My Very First Speeding Ticket
3/1 - 1:47 PM


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Kris Shaw

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Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Lacyblu started comedy when she was performing in bands, realizing she had a natural gift to make people laugh without really trying...People enjoyed her fresh, honest, nothing off limits approach to comedy...

She hit the stage is the late 70's (under her first name of Gypsy) opening for a few professional comics...Her first was Rodney Dangerfield and she made him blush before he hit the stage...

Politically correct is NOT her style, she speaks her mind, regardless of the consequences...If your sensitive on the subjects of sex, race, religion, heritage, male/female relationships, or politics, Lacyblu is not a comedienne you'd be comfortable with...She has a passion for the everyday humor, things you can't make up and finds funny is the strangest places...Never one to hold her tongue, it has gotten her into some pretty hot water, but she swims through it quite comfortably...

A Breast Cancer survivor and retired from stand up for 16 years for family health reasons, Lacyblu returned to the stage early fall 2007...She has a new name (LACYBLU) and new material...But as always, her material stays fresh, raw and in your face...She takes NO prisoners...She lives a simple and quiet life in Minnesota...For now...

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Birthday: 9/11
Hailing From: Baltimore, Md.
Debut: 9/11/07 @ What's Up Lounge-Mankato, Mn.
Comic Inspirations: Lucille Ball, Carole Burnett, Don Rickles, Steven Wright, George Carlin, Lewis Black, Chris Rock, and George Lopez to name a few...
Favorite Working Comics: Steven Wright, George Lopez, Chirs Rock, to name a few...
Favorite TV Shows: ALL the CSI's, most sitcoms, and the Discovery Channel, History Channel
Favorite Movies: ALL the Indiana Jones, most comedies, great horror, dramas and thrillers...
Favorite Books: A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson/All Travel Essays by Tim Cahill
Favorite Music: Favorite group: The Eagles Other Favorites are: The Calling, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Queen, etc. some country, most ALL rock, (love the 80's hair bands)

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