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Louis Johnson
Showtime, Comedy Central, B.E.T., A&E, U.S.O.
Colorado (Northeastern)
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RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL - Comedian Louis Johnson

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Louis Johnson is touring with The Sellout Comedy Tour and Cruise Ships!


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5/20 - 4:27 AM


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"I'm not the man I want to be...but I'm nowhere near the man I was." Sidney Poitier About Me: The Boulder Daily Camera simply states that, “There was only one difference between us. He was funny-very funny.” LOUIS JOHNSON has appeared on Comedy Central, B.E.T., Showtime, A&E, and his own Showtime “Comic Of The Month” Special which aired after winning Showtime Networks Funniest Person in America contest. Declared the winner following a nationwide phone-in vote, he won cash (long gone) and the cable special. Louis was featured at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, the New Orleans Comedy Festival and he’s been a regular on U.S.O. World Comedy Break Tours since 1995. Italy, Albania, Greece, Iceland, England, Scotland, Hungary, Belgium, Croatia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Macedonia, Bosnia, Panama, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Korea and Alaska (yeah yeah yeah it's not overseas, but as long as it takes to get there it should be!). The Denver Post states that, “Johnson is a polished performer with a dynamic delivery.” The Atlanta Journal calls him “…a keen chronicler of society.” The Indianapolis News says, “His jokes make fun of life’s everyday occurrences that break all racial and economic barriers.” The Rocky Mountain news adds that “…he is a comedian with graceful physical skills and has the ability to wander into tough subjects and still get a laugh.” The Honolulu Star Bulletin reports that “Johnson is just serious enough to give the audience something to think about.” "... it may seem as if the days of the thought-provoking funnymen are numbered. Think again, however, because Louis Johnson's ready to revive the pointed comedy that's taken a backseat to Carrot Top wannabes and quirky observational humor. With a cultured poise, Johnson's humor crosses race, gender and class lines to poke fun at -- and provoke introspection about -- every level of society." AOL City Guide “Stand-up is pure.” he says with a sly smile. “It’s just you, the audience, a microphone and the possiblity of a true one of a kind shared experience that’s funny. Nothing can beat that!” He laughs and you laugh with him. It’s the kind of laugh your grandmother would never allow in her house because she would think of it as mischievous. And you know what? She would be right. More info can be found at www.comedianlouisjohnson.comhence -->
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Birthday: 9/10
Hailing From: Denver, CO
Home Club(s): Comedy Works
Comic Inspirations: Pryor, Cosby, Carlin, Gregory, Foxx

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