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Sarah Pesto
I like to be Silly!!!
Florida (Northern - Daytona to Gainesville)
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Taken from my bio on the Internet Movie Database:

Sarah Pesto was born in lovely Miami, Florida and moved around quite a bit during her early childhood, which is probably why she is such a restless person and constantly on the go. From Miami, she moved up to Augusta, Georgia and then to Tifton, Georgia, then finally settled in Gainesville "Home of the Florida Gators", Florida where she has lived ever since. She is pursuing a move to Los Angeles, California in the near future.

She has been in several independent films in Florida as well as currently in a comedy troupe called the "Electric Cow Theater".

She is of French descent in the French land of Alsace-Lorraine. The original spelling of her last name is originally "P-E-S-T-E-A-U" before it was changed on Ellis Island. Every one thinks she is Italian though and she has a lot of Italian friends. As a result of this, she is a big fan of Italian foods and loves Little Italy in Manhattan.

She is related to the French explorer and Catholic missionary priest, Father Jacques Marquette, who traveled down the Mississippi river with Louis Joliet. Having this incredible person in her ancestry probably is why she has such an explorer spirit and loves to travel.

She loves animals. She has a dog named "Cocoa", two cats, "Nunu" and "Spaz" some fish, and a ferret named "Wantagh" named after a town in Long Island New York. She also enjoys traveling and swimming.

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Birthday: 9/16
Favorite TV Shows: The Office, Scrubs
Favorite Movies: The 40-Year Old Virgin, Evan Almighty, Talladega Nights: The legend of Ricky Bobby, Blades of Glory
Favorite Music: Pop

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