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Michael Gewirtzman
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New York (New York City)
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6/8 - 4:14 PM

I do comedy...
6/3 - 5:10 PM


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Michael Gewirtzman, like most comedians, grew up hearing his grandmother tell filthy jokes in her kitchen. It was no surprise that by 18, he was doing improv comedy weekly for a large and loyal fan base at his college, SUNY Oswego.

At 21, he was performing at Stand Up NY, New York Comedy Club, Gotham Comedy Club and The Laugh Lounge, where he was very quickly developing a voice. For the next few years, he would perform at clubs, while also performing at numerous college on the "Wasted Tuition College Tour.

Simutaneously, he was building an artist management company,that was quickly growing a roster of successful bands.

The numerous surreal experiences that he had been through growing in the music industry, along with the changes that life brings between 20 and 30, lead Gewirtzman to taking some time off from the stage to determine who he was as a comedian now. Re evaluating his opinions, and thoughts on life, he re honed in on his voice.

In 2013, Gewirtzman is featured on the CBS reality show, "The Job", which proved to be a very introspective experience as well. When being professionally judged on a stage by a panel of judges, in front of a studio audience, being filmed for a national television audience, you want to be as genuine and real as possible.

Now, ready to get back on stage and connect once again with audiences in comedy clubs smelling of booze and chicken fingers, Michael is older, wiser, and has a whole lot to talk about.

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Birthday: 5/24
Hailing From: Staten Island, NY

Mike is a funny guy. If you need jew jokes from a young guy, he's your man. Plus, ladies seem to really like him too. I never understood it.
      -Joshua Grosvent

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