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Bryan Bruner
Sirius Satellite Radio's Breuer Unleashed
New York (New York City)
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Bryan Bruner at Ridley's Comedy Castle

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Bryan Bruner was born. He was six days late. This was in West Covina, California, where he lived until his family relocated to Las Vegas when he was 12.

Bryan Bruner hates bios. He thinks they are contrived and pretentious.

Many years later, Bryan emerged – sans a clue -- on the Las Vegas comedy scene. And this scene, my friends, was not a scene for the clueless. This was a scene dominated by the established.

Las Vegas is a city where the greats came to cash in for the easy money. Who was he to start a comedy career in the place where you end? Refusing to accept “no” for an answer, Bryan took his act to any video-poker bar that would have him. After a few years spent getting his metaphoric teeth metaphorically kicked in, Bryan began to figure something out. Video-poker players, it seems, have short attention spans. Tired of losing his audience, Bryan developed a lightening-fast delivery while engaging the audience through superb crowd work. Now people started paying attention, including Sirius Satellite Radio's "Breuer Unleashed."

Within a year, Bryan became the resident host of the LA Comedy Club at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. It was here that he truly honed his craft, working with top industry professionals and audiences from all over the world. Soon after, he began working as a feature performer throughout Nevada, California, Arizona and in Montreal, Quebec.

In the autumn of 2008, Bryan moved to New York City to refine his energetic style and topical, relationship, partying and overall off-beat material. Having been accepted into the NYC Underground Comedy Festival, one show turned into six, and within the span of a week he had taken the stage a dozen times at venues including Comix, EastVille Comedy Club, Ha! Comedy Club, the Laugh Lounge and the Comedy Corner. Then the real work began…

Performing comedy makes Bryan happy, and that makes everyone happy. Unlike this bio.

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Birthday: 7/10
Hailing From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Home Club(s): LA Comedy Club, Las Vegas, NV
Favorite TV Shows: destroy your television
Favorite Movies: Dirty ones
Favorite Books: Anything by Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski, David Sedaris
Favorite Music: The louder the better

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