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R. M. Human
A useful mammal who's a good party favor!!!
Michigan (North Mainland)
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Not Just For Microchips Anymore

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R.M. Human ~ "Life is nothing more than a gravy bowl and all the people merely biscuits, sop it up bitches!!!"

R.M. Human ~ "Don't take life so seriously, its serious enough on its own, it doesn't need your help."

Bill Cosby ~ "All children are born with brain dammage!"

George Carlin ~ "The greatest conversation includes pussy farts and dingle berrys!"

Robin Williams ~ "Nanu nanu!"

Dennis Leary ~ "Where the f*** is the coffee flavored coffee?"

Dave Chappelle ~ "I"M Rick James bitch!!!"

Lisa Mantinelli ~ "All white chicks should take it up the ass!!"

Kat Williams ~ "If it ain't pimpin, it ain't funny!"

Chris Rock ~ "

Richard Pryer ~ "

Martin Lawrence ~ "

Eddie Murphy ~ "

Lewis Black ~ "

Dennis Miller ~ "

Dana Carvey ~ "

Gallagher ~ "

Red Skelton ~ "

W.C. Fields ~ "

Abbot and Castello ~ "

Jerry Lewis ~ "

These should be familiar as they are some of those most famous names out there and the sad part is this is just a taste of my inspiration. I am and have always been open to any part of life being teased, tossed, or trampled on including my own life in a comedy routine. With out us laughing at what happens in life, who will? These comics give just an example of my open-mindedness and bit of wit that I have acquired since I was just a toddler.

Something about tiny footprints ending up on the ceiling with no whereabouts as to how it happened, I have always been the comic of the family and crowd. Although growing up the East side of Flint and all the crime that I became accustomed to, I learned to just laugh at all the stupidity instead of falling into it.

I'm a different taste of what your taste buds are used to, but when I get going I bet I can even make someone like you look at things differently. hence -->

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Birthday: 6/5
Hailing From: Flint,, MI
Home Club(s): Comedy Club Cody's Cafe in Cheboygan MI
Comic Inspirations: George Carlin, Robin Williams, Gallagher, Jerry Lewis to name a trickle..
Favorite Working Comics: Dennis Leary, Chris Rock, Robin Williams, to name a few..
Favorite TV Shows: House, CSI (all), Fringe, Criminal Minds, Monk, to name a few...
Favorite Movies: Pool Hall Junkies, Die Hard (all), anything Robin Williams, to name a few...
Favorite Books: Both Tim Allan books, Anything Philosophy, Life 101, to neme a few...
Favorite Music: All!!! but country.. ska.. pop.. yeah..

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