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Matt Baetz
The Late Late Show, USO Tours, Playboy Radio
New York (New York City)
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Matt Baetz 4th Late Late Show Appear. May 7 2010

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Matt Baetz at O'Hanlon's "Hot Soup" August 12th 9pm

Matt Baetz at EastVille Comedy Club - August 13th, 2011


10 years a comedian
2/4 - 12:12 PM

The Wolf
1/2 - 11:53 PM


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Matt Baetz is a comedian and a writer from Monkton, MD. After working in the field of media production for a few years after getting his learn on at Florida State University, Matt decided to follow the words of Whitman and take the road less traveled.

On February 4th, 2004 Matt tried standup at the completely forgettable Why Not Lounge? inside a Holiday Inn in Altamonte Springs, FL. Since that night Matt has traveled the globe pedaling his wares.

Matt has travled overseas on 5 different occasions to bring laughter and merriment to the men and women of the Allied Armed Forces. He has appeared on, “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” four times as a comedian and over fifty times as a featured sketch performer. Matt is a regular on Playboy Radio and his CD, “The Comedy Car Hole Presents: Matt Baetz” is available on iTunes, Amazon and out of the trunk of his car.

Matt now resides in Brooklyn, NY. .

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Birthday: 12/4
Hailing From: Monkton, Maryland
Debut: 2/4/04 @ Why Not Lounge? -Bonkerz, Altamonte Springs, FL
Home Club(s): Hightopps Timonium, MD Comedy Car Hole Santa Monica, CA
Comic Inspirations: Bill Hicks, George Carlin
Favorite Working Comics: Patton Oswalt, Jim Gaffigan
Favorite TV Shows: The Wire
Favorite Movies: Dumb and Dumber
Favorite Books: Too many to mention
Favorite Music: Grateful Dead, Phish, The Band, Bob Dylan

I love your transitions. They're amazing. I'm kind of new at this. Do you have any pointers?
      -Nick Hagerl

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