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Jason Marcus
The Detroit Comedy Festival (Best of the East)
New York (New York City)
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I'm a feminist. What's a feminist?

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Jason Marcus will be on tour in Feb through the midwest and pacnorthwest


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Jason Marcus is one of the sharpest and most hard working young comics in the country. His unique style of humor comes from his broad range of experiences growing up in a racially-mixed household in Boston, MA. Most recently, Jason was featured in the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival in Asheville, NC. In May, he won first place in the Catch a New Rising Star Contest at the Catch a Rising Star in Lincoln, RI. In March 2009, Marcus was named "Best of the East Coast" in the Detroit International Comedy Festival. He has also been featured in the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and the New York Comedy Expo. He has performed across the country from Boston to Los Angeles and performed a short tour in Canada. Jason Marcus is credited as a co-producer of "Lyrics and Laughs," a comedy/music show geared towards the promotion of lesser-known comics and talented musicians on the rise. The effort has been met with sold-out attendance records at some of the most popular indie performance venues in the Boston Area. Jason’s comedic talent is often donated in support to fundraisers that have benefited local charities in his hometown, as well as abroad. Many of his benefit activities raised money to aid causes ranging from a recently disabled friend – to the American Cancer Society, the Autism Society of America, the American Alzheimer’s Society and our troops coming home from war. Appearing at colleges all over New England and performing as a regular for nearly every club from Rhode Island to Massachusetts, Jason has garnered a reputation in the Boston Comedy community as one of the most dedicated and diligent young comedians on the rise while typically referred to as, "a devoted student of the art of standup comedy." When he is not performing in clubs, colleges, high schools, and corporate events, Jason can be found either in the stands at a Celtics game or on the sofa watching reality television…I mean lifting weights. All rights reserved. hence -->
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Birthday: 9/29
Hailing From: Boston, MA
Debut: 2/23/07 @ The Comedy Connection (Boston, MA)
Home Club(s): The Comedy Studio (Cambridge, MA)
Comic Inspirations: Rodney Dangerfeild, Louis CK, Dave Attell, Greg Giraldo, Laurie Kilmartin and Mitch Hedberg.
Favorite TV Shows: Venture Bros, Malcolm in the Middle, Rescue Me and The Office
Favorite Movies: The Jerk, Pulp Fiction, The Pink Panther and 500 Days of Summer
Favorite Music: Anything before 1999

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