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Todd Rexx
HBO, Showtime, NBC, Fear Chamber, Premonitions
California (Los Angeles Area)
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T-Rexx on Comics unleashed Gettin on rednecks

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For over a decade, Todd Rex aka T-Rexx has been a natural who quickly wins over any audience with his cunning wit, over the top impersonations and brilliant crowd interaction. His on stage antics, accompanied by his twisted imagination, create a comedic concoction that captivates audiences, literally leaving them rolling in the aisles, crying for more. If you’re in the market for a new generation comedian, then look no further! Todd is a true disciple of alternative comedy, who applies his sheer talent and genius to create an off center style of comedy comprised of a mixed bag of personal experience, everyday observations, and hypothetical situations to connect with any audience. Born in Long Branch, New Jersey, Todd was adopted at birth and immediately scurried to his new home in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, a multi-cultural artsy suburb of Cleveland. There he attended different schools and at each one, to the dismay of his parents, quickly established himself as the “class clown??. When Todd was ten, he and his family moved to Silver Spring, Maryland, where he continued to “bless?? classrooms with impersonations, sound effects, jokes, and comedic antics that not only classmates would laugh at, but teachers and staff as well. His classroom comedy continued through junior high, high school, and two years of junior college(basically 13th grade) where he studied television production. In 1992, after encouragement from friends and family, Todd finally brought his talents to the stage at “The Comedy Café?? in Washington, D.C., and hasn’t looked back since. Todd prides himself with being able to connect with any audience presented to him. He credits his multi-cultural surroundings growing up, coupled with the fact that he was a bi-racial child adopted by a caucasian family for being able to transcend barriers and truly entertain all. Todd’s comedic exploits have taken him to Europe, Japan, Canada, Mexico, U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as coast to coast nationally, touching almost every state in the union. He has worked with Jerry Seinfeld, David Alan Grier, Dane Cook, D.L. Hughley, Bernie Mac, Russell Peters, Gilbert Godfrey, Dave Chappelle, and Tommy Davidson; the list goes on and on, but why stop there? Todd has also done crowd warm up at Sony Studios, Los Angeles, for the sit-com, “Between Brothers??, tours with Bill Bellamy, and performs at the Darryl Armstrong (New Orleans Hornets) Foundation for Premature Babies’ annual Charity event. Todd’s talents have not been limited to live performances, however. Todd has made numerous television appearances, including BET’s Comicview(1994-2005), BET’s One Mic Stand(2008), Tonight show with Jay Leno(1995), HBO’s Def Comedy Jam all-stars(1996), HBO’s Def Comedy Jam(2006), Comedy Factory (Netherlands, 2001-2005), Raymond is Late (Netherlands, 2002), Rumbles (HDNet, 2004), Baggin’ (VH1 2005). He has also appeared in such films as,??The Fear Chamber??(Night Light Films, 2007) “Premonitions?? (Latte Stone Films, 2005); NTV (Grifftyme Prods 2005); “I’ll be back??, an industrial film for DeVry institute (Hope Prods., 1995), “Love Jones?? (Newline Cinema, 1995), “For the Love of Money (Pee-Air Prods. 2002). He currently is a card carrying member of S.A.G. as well as AFTRA. onsciously. Deparaffination primordium women pleach phosphazol scalenohedron unjudicial trustees defiberize pretinned lymphokinesis corruptee algesis churl unostentatious.
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Welcome to the madness - always good to see you around.
      -Steve Hofstetter

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