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opie & anthony car crash comedy,
New Jersey (Central)
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i have been doing comedy since 05 and stand up since 07. it all started when i was a 7 year old boy watching the comics and inliveing color come on the tv with my mom and dad. just at that point i knew what i wanted to doi got my first chance with a rocky horror cast called the friday nite specials with them we would shadow cast the movie but it was what we did before the movie we where known for every week we would perform a 5-10 min skit that we would write the day before so from doing that i decided that hey i wanna do stand up so i wrote out some stuff and went to the stress factory to try it out it went over pretty well and from there i have been on the Opie and anthonys car crash comedy' statin island comedy festival,conte and kenny show, have performed with and infront of gomba johnny, otto and george, jeff norris, also had sucess with 2 internet radio shows marconis regret and cluster f radio where i have done inter views with rachel rays RC smith leader of the god hates fags church sherrly phelps ropper,and crank yankers and that metal shows jim florintine and hope for much more to come
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Birthday: 2/5
Hailing From: keyport, new jersey

Worked with Jake a few times and even though I would say he's border-line psychotic, I would also say he's funny as hell!
      -Bryan Berner

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A good laugh heals a lot of hurt.

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