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Steven Kent McFarlin
MTV, HBO, Comedy Central, ER, Profiler, Late Show
New York (New York City)
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I've seen Spanky make people cry laughing; this guy is truly funny. My parents are divorced, but each one insists I tell them when he's in town. Ahh, Spanky's laughter bringing people together.
      -Steve Hofstetter

Spanky is a true comic artist. His persona and routine mix so well, he gains hugely enthusiastic fans with every show.
      -Danny McDermott

I saw him at comic strip live jan 14 and he was stellar, if thats even a word,...if not well i guess I'm just redarted.
      -TJ Del Reno

When I was In Holland in April doing the comedy tour I heard how much CD's and T-Shirts Spanky sold, dude leave some of the money for me. They love Spanky in Amsterdam.PS: The Blond girl at
      -Ian Salmon

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