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Shawn Hollenbach
here! TV, The Back Room at Comix
New York (New York City)
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Shawn Hollenbach is a New York City based stand up comedian, improv actor and current gimp. A 1991 Toyota 4Runner fractured his left tibia and fibula on Super Bowl Sunday. This will keep him out of commission for a spell, but will not keep his spirits down. Shawn is a co-producer of The Back Room at Comix’ Ochi’s Lounge, Meat and Potatoes and The Kevin Murphy Show as the lovable Jodi Murphy. He performs side-by-side with Katina Corrao as the winsom Skip Lickdale and Sparkle Montgomery and is a resident judge in the Poetry vs. Comedy Show at The Bowery Poetry Club. He’s also written and performed in his solo show with original music, “Shawn Hollen…who?,” directed by Virginia Scott (Tom Shillue in Dad 2.0, Happy Hour, Planet Banana). Shawn was just shot in a short film written by comic Eddie Sarfaty called “Second Guessing Grandma” with Tony Award Nom Kathleen Chalfont, directed by Bob Giraldi.

Shawn loves tater tots, Yuengling Lager and he'll most likely love you if you give him a tater tot or a Yuenling.

Check out ""> for more information. Email him at

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Birthday: 3/6
Hailing From: Fredericksburg, PA
Debut: 10/10/03 @ The Comedy Social at Sin Sin
Home Club(s): Comix

Shawn hosts a great show and makes a comedian feel welcome.
      -Adam Lehman

Shawn is a fresh and awesome comedian! He's smart, funny, and one of my absolute favorites!
      -Katina Corrao

I loved your twin routine with Spiderman and the unicorn cake!
      -Jennifer Dziura

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