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Steve Hofstetter
Host of Laughs on FOX
New York (New York City)
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Previous Comments

In Steve's article at he wrote one of the best lines about being a comedian I've ever heard: You'd fire me if I worked in your office. But if you came to see me at a club after a tough day at work, you'd want to shake my hand.
      -Tony Boswell

Steve has tremendous command of his material. Every line has a purpose and/or punchline.
      -Evan Wecksell

Steve has a dangerous amount of talent and immediately gets an audience on his side. He is a comic force to be reckoned with, and I'm not just saying that because in his new headshot he looks like he might just kick someone's ass.
      -Mike Trainor

Steve is not playing games.
      -Kevin Fitzgerald

Steve is as computer literate as he is red-hedded. Ladies, don't let the raised right brow trip you up, this man is also a master of coding, impromptu web-site restructuring and on-line game of Magic The Gathering. In fact, steve is a compter, yes a robot, you read right. The Mechastetter.You know, like the chick from small wonder except he's not a chick and if she did comedy, this is your arthur. And I salute you robot arthur!
      -Ben Morrison

Hof is truly a genius.
      -Jayson Cross

I've never seen him live, but I have seen his video. It's rare to find young comics on the scene (young in stand-up world is 35), but Steve is truly a YOUNG talented comic and I applaud him for that. He was also one of the few videos on Comedy Soapbox I laughed outloud at.
      -Joshua Grosvent

Not only is Steve Funny and smart in the Bill Hicks mold. He is one of the best young well written comics around.
      -Mark Anthony Ramirez

Offstage Steve is a wonderfully nice guy who is very interested in the process/craft of comedy and in helping other comics to find their voices. Onstage, he's adnagerous motherfuckah that can kill at an all black club! If that isn't dangerous i don't know what is. Look up smart-ass in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of him holding a mic.
      -Baron Vaughn

Funniest man I have ever slept with...ok that came out...I mean that he was hilarious when we huddled toget...I screw it he's a damned funny guy and an inspiration.
      -Rob Haynes

Steve is that rare breed of comic that is able to be relevant as well as hilarious. Steve's material is intelligent without being patronizing and meaningful without being preachy. He's the kind of comedian that leaves audiences talking long after his act is over and leaves other comedians vowing to work harder.
      -Steve Boyer

Steve is one of the only guys I know in the business. In fact I'd even go so far as to say that Steve is one of the only guys anyone knows in the business.I guess what I'm really saying here is that Steve is acctually one of the only guys in the business at all! Period! I think Steve will be very succefull even more than I think Steven Wright will be very successfull and lord knows I belive in that kid as soon as he organizes his thoughts I think he'll do just fine. Hell Steven (not Steve) may even have a one man show inj him If he develops some cool voices and does some Character drive Comedy like the Dice Man does. Anyway, keep your eyes on Steve (not Stephen) I really think hes goin Places (good places like Disney land). Its my belief that the student body shot will excell!
      -Danny Lobell

Steve is one of the most prolifically versatile comedians I've met. The only thing more impressive than his work ethic is his unique willingness to encourage and help other comedians to reach their potential.
      -Phil Mazo

Steve is completely ubiquitous! He pops up everywhere! His omnipresence is downright shocking.
      -Jennifer Dziura

Steve not only are you a master of your domain, you're a great guy. I can't thank you enough for all the wonderful things you do for comics. Ok, I'll thank you one more time. Thanks!
      -Courtney Cronin

Steve is a constant professional, who is adept to being a successful working comic. For comics looking how to do it the right way, watch Steve Hofstetter and take notes.
      -Chad Zumock

That Larry the Cable Guy bit is brilliant. I hate his style of humor because he's preaching to a dumb downed audience. Aah, heard some of your stuff on the samples of the CD, both very good. Keep it up.
      -Sean Newman

Steve is years ahead of his time. He is one to watch - If you can keep up with him. I learn a lot from Steve Hofstetter.
      -Joey Kirkman

Steve, You are indeed the Hardest working man in show business. James Brown doesn't count, he is gone and you are here. I am also from North Jersey so you must also be the funniest comedian who ever lived, besides me. Thanks for creating such a site for an old hack like me.
      -Bob D. Caterino

hey steve, we've only worked together a few times but I wanted to say that I understand your feelings on Carlin, I am a huge fan of his and the news hit pretty hard.
      -Gina Brillon

Great idea for a website. The comedy club list is pretty damn thorough. Amazing tool for a young comedian like me. Jay Tomatoes approves this message.
      -Jay Tomatoes

Whats hap'nin, home skillet? I hope all is well with you. Be easy.
      -Todd Rexx

On behalf of stand-up comedy thank you for what you're doing. i just stumbled onto this site today and WOW! I hope to be a stellar member of the community. Thanks:)
      -Don Richardson

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