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Ted Alexandro
Late Show with David Letterman Regular
New York (New York City)
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Previous Comments

When you mix clever writing with an unassuming delivery, you get Ted. The combination allows him to draw in his audience just in time to nail them with a punchline.
      -Steve Hofstetter

Every time I see Ted perform at clubs or on tv I ask myself the same question. Why do I even bother being a comic if I can never be as good as Ted? Original to the 10th power,smart and dead on funny. Ted can take the simplest situation and find the humor in it like no one else Ive seen.
      -Robin Fox

Ted is hilarious! He's also willing to lend a hand & advice to young comics.
      -Matt McCarthy

Ted Alexandro is a guy with original material, dynamite delivery, and most of all, a highly innovative strategy for dealing with the threat of prison rape, which he kindly shares in his act (just this last info makes his act well worth seeing, because we all have to worry about that eventuality ...)

      -Chris Brown

Smart material, amazing stage presence and delivery. You can't write about how great he is, you just have to see him live- he's that good!
      -It's ME! Caminiti

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