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Adam Sank
NBC, Vh1, CNBC, Sirius-XM
New York (New York City)
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I've been reading Adam's writing lately. Strong voice, no extraneous words, very human character. If his standup is anything like it, I'll be a fan.
      -Steve Hofstetter

Adam is so funny, I'd let him blow me. IF he promised not to be gay about it.
      -Chris McDevitt

I am in love with Adam. He has a comics heart and soul. Adam is the same on stage and off. He is vulnerable, edgy, smart and most importantly Funny all at the same time... And may I also not forget very easy on the eyes. Adam runs one of the most fun rooms in the city on Sunday nights. His show at Therapy is a must see.
      -Robin Fox

Adam, I just watched the DVD of your debut at Caroline's. Funny stuff, I loved it!
      -J.Son Dinant

Adam is a top notch fella. He's got moxie. Pizazz. Verve. I'd even go so far as to say he has 'oomph.' According to, these are all very good things.
      -Brian Balthazar

cool website man!
      -Wendel Zimet

Great new picture Mr. Sank - when are we getting married? Funny and hot - dear lord - I think I have the vapors.
      -Shawn Hollenbach

Adam,Thanks for the comment. How is Therapy going? Let me know. I'll be in NY in a few months and would love to stop by. I'll be at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino here in Vegas this coming Tuesday!Later, J.Son :)
      -J.Son Dinant

Thanks for the comment and making me feel welcome. You made me feel good. You're a nice guy, and don't let anybody tell you different. :-)
      -Sam Garrett

I've got arms at least as harry, but I've got a chest like a brillo pad. Do you go in for a wax? If so, do share! (I'll work on the pectorals as soon as I can see them again through the forest. . . .)
      -Brett Bumeter

Yo dog, Whats been happening? Haven't seen you in a while. How goes the comedy biz? -Lance
      -Lance Weiss

Thanks for the reply, Adam. Believe me it means a lot. I did look around the site and notice the blog page... and also the need to format things with html coding in future blogs. Lack of paragraphs hurt my eyes.
      -Daniel Carmody

Thanks for joining my circle, Adam!
      -Sarah Pesto

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I hope to hear more comments from you soon. And as for the hat it actually used to be the tip of a black mans dick. Just kidding, no offense. It was a gift from my brother that moved and I don't see much of. Again thanks for writing.
      -R. M. Human

      -Jon Allen

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