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Jud Heine
I'm what Willis was talkin' about
New York (New York City)
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Jae Heine was raised a corn fed Iowa bastard child with a terrible last name. That's Heine, like ass. After receiving many childhood beatings, he moved to the Big Apple for a change in produce, yet found himself doing stand up comedy instead. Shocking to him also. In his two year stint in comedy, you may have seen Jae at such clubs as Gotham Comedy Club, The Laugh Lounge, NY Comedy Club, Stand-Up NY, Improv, Boston Comedy Club, and HA Comedy Club. Unless you left when your friend was done performing, in which case, he does not blame you, but boy, did you miss out on a chucklefest. Jae also produces his own show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn @ the Lulu Lounge. Also, Jae Heine's future is looking quite bleak. I mean bright, it's looking bright. As a matter of fact, if Jae were writing this, I'm sure he'd come up with something clever to say. But the fact of the matter is, you're stuck with this random typist because he has a short attention span unlike myself. Ooh, is that a Dorito? Where were we? Oh yeah, I was writing this bio for a guy I barely know. Well, enough of that shit. Adios bio!!!

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Birthday: 3/21
Hailing From: Dike, IA
Debut: 8/1/02 @ NY Comedy Club
Comic Inspirations: my dog and my dead dad
Favorite Working Comics: I forget the name, but he's awesome. Trust me.
Favorite TV Shows: Golden Girls (ooh, that Betty White)
Favorite Movies: The Leprechan octilogy
Favorite Books: 'Everybody poops' and 'Zen and me- 2nd edition'
Favorite Music: Soundtrack from Beaches

jae is funny, nuff said.
      -Kevin Fitzgerald

Jae is one of the biggest Heine's I know. The biggest in comedy - not physical stature. I've never met any of the other Heine's, which means they can't be that famous in stand up - which supports my statement (the statement about Jae being the biggest Heine that I know.) But I will give the family time to catch up with him comedically. He has a pretty funny dog - unless it died of old age. That wouldn't be funny. Death just isn't funny - a wise restaurant manager told me that. Jae IS funny though. And if you don't think so....ask his dad - I mean his mom. Jae is going to be a famous stand up comic/writer someday - I know, because I wait tables with him and he makes me laugh all day long. Good luck Jae! Your F.V'd friend, marianne
      -Marianne Sierk

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