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Mike Bobbitt
Festivals and shit.
Michigan (Southeastern)
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Stocking Stuffers!
12/6 - 4:52 PM

Nostalgia Double Feature
8/26 - 1:53 AM


David Beck

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Mike Bobbitt has shared the stage with many great performers like Louis CK, Marc Maron, Maria Bamford, Jackie Kashian, Todd Barry and Ted Alexandro. He's also shared the stage with some horrible performers too, but that's not nearly as impressive. He hails from Detroit and has a unique ability to share uncomfortably personal stories that audiences find relatable or endearing. He's a tattooed Star Wars nerd, husband, and cat owner.
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Birthday: 6/4
Hailing From: Detroit, MI
Debut: 2/6/03 @ Club Bart
Home Club(s): Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle, Joey's in Livonia
Favorite Movies: Star Wars
Favorite Books: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe
Favorite Music: Old School Punk

Mr. Mike B. has the Guy Next Door charm, and the ability to make a bad comedy night into a good comedy night. I have personally booked him for two very important shows past, and booked him for the next installment of Both shows. His humorous wit is ONLY matched by his humility. A regular fella that you can't help laughing at/with. TedRiot
      -Ted Riot

Not only is Mike Bobbitt's humor incredibly funny, he's also extremely likeable onstage (and off). Mike has a ton of energy and quickly draws you into his world. He gets the audience rolling and leaves them wanting more.
      -Kate Brindle

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