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Charles S. Smith (Mc's & Feature)
Eastville Comedy Club - Stand Up NY
New York (Long Island)
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10/29/19 - COSTERS TAVEIRN Showtime 8:30pm in East madow ,(L I)

10/11/19 - EASTVILLE COMEDY CLUB Showtime 6:00pm In (NYC).


5/10 - 11:26 AM

Gay pride @ Belmore Bean Cafe
6/12 - 10:44 AM


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Up Date 10/6/2019 "Hello whats up." Openly Gay African / French (Not black) Charles S. Smith is unlike many of the comics on the road today, He lights up a room without using Profanity...truly a rare breed in todays comics. With a unique talent for improvisation & characters His material and Poise make him a Perfect fit for any venue. His 16 years of Professionalism & hard work is paying off. Now he's working at (Costers Tavern) in (LI) - (KARMA LOUNGE) In (NYC) - (AFRICAN NIGHT at EISENHOWER PARK at The Harry Chapin lakeside Theatre) - ( GOVERNORS COMEDY CLUB) in (LI) - (The Lantern Comedy Club) In (NYC) - (The Duplex Cabaret Club) In (NYC) - (EASTVILLE COMEDY CLUB) In (NYC) - (STAND UP NY) IN (NYC) - (The Irish Exit) In (NYC) All in NYC & (Comedy Club of Jacksonville) in Florida. He has work with Comedians like Tim Homayoon , Dave Rosner & Danny McDermott. Charles is a fine Host & Feature. Booking E-MAIL is (

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Birthday: 12/5
Hailing From: Westbury, n.y.
Debut: 7/23/92 @ Chuckles Comedy Club (m c's & Feature)
Home Club(s): The Lantern Comedy Club - Stand Up Comedy Club - NY Comedy Club - The Duplex Cabaret Club
Comic Inspirations: The Marx Brothers - Abbott & Costello - Buster Keaton - Bill Cosby - Richard Pryor - Laurel & Hardy
Favorite Working Comics: Peter Bales , Adam Sank , Tom Kelly , Tim Gage , Joey Kola , Tim Homayoon , Buddy Flip
Favorite TV Shows: Teen Folf (MTV) - Spring Street (OUT TV) - Lip Sync Battle (Spike TV) - The Daily Show With Trever Noah - (Comedy Central)
Favorite Movies: THE FAVOR (Gay)- Redwood (Gay) - Doorman (Gay) - BOSS BABY (2017) - Homophobia - The Boys In The Band - Star Wars (The Force Awakens) 2015
Favorite Books: The Soul Beneath The Skin (By David Nimmone) - Jonathan Winters - Being homosexual - Bill Cosby - Abbott & Costelo - Best Gay Romance (2014) - Laurel & Hardy - Faggots - Stand - Up Comedy - Stonewall
Favorite Music: POP - R&B - SMOOTH JAZZ

Charles is one of the industry's freshest new faces. A very funny man who touches upon family life and his dating antics. He is likable for all ages as his material is as clean as it comes. Watch this guy as he is on the rise!
      -Rich Walker

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