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Jerry Kahn
Comedy Relief for the Homeless, NBC, Joe Lieberman
New York (New York City)
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Based in New York, Jerry has been performing comedy since high school. His deadpan, one-liner style appeals to many audiences, and he has entertained them in Melbourne, Australia; Las Vegas; Amsterdam, Holland; Israel; Honolulu; and other places where people like to laugh. Shortly before the New Hampshire primaries, Jerry did a show for Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman and his family and entourage. Jerry was the opening act in the 2005 Comedy Relief for the Homeless.

Jerry has been a finalist in several comedy competitions, including the 2004 Comedy Soapbox Spring Festival.

One NYC comedy club manager said that the first time he saw Jerry Kahn perform, he enjoyed it so much that he stayed for the whole act, even though he rarely watches more than two or three minutes of other comedians.

Jerry is soon going to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most jokes told in one hour. Jerry also co-wrote a sitcom pilot, is co-writing a screenplay, and wrote, directed, produced, and starred in "The One Man Show" on cable TV. Jerry tailors his material for various audiences, from bachelor parties to religious groups.

Jerry is the newswriter for Stagetime magazine, covering the comedy scene, and covers entertainment (primarily comedy) for Talent In Motion magazine.

For more information on Jerry's schedule, and a sample of his jokes, please visit Comedian Jerry Kahn Also visit the Jerry Kahn Comedian Resume

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Birthday: 5/3
Hailing From: New York, NY
Debut: 2/15/86 @ Take-5 (New Rochelle, NY)
Comic Inspirations: Benny Hill, Steven Wright
Favorite Working Comics: Wendy Liebman, Jackie Mason, Steven Wright, Jay Leno, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Jay London, Geechy Guy, Elliot Goblet
Favorite TV Shows: Many (from the Simpsons to 60 Minutes, the Odd Couple to Married... with Children, This Week in Baseball to the Benny Hill Show to Motorweek)
Favorite Movies: Airplane (I and II)
Favorite Books: Total Baseball (I'm listed as a Contributor)
Favorite Music: Any fast-paced rock from 1963-present (classic rock, hard rock, top 40, rap, reggae)

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