Learn everything from branding to publicity to Facebook while interacting with other comedians and industry.

Date & Location
Thursday, April 7th 2PM-4PM
Laughing Skull Lounge
Atlanta, GA

Our Instructor
The CEO of Next Round Entertainment, the Assistant Director of the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, and one of the owners of Morty's Comedy Joint and the Funny Farm, Steve Hofstetter has accomplished a great deal on the business side of comedy, all while headlining hundreds of colleges, clubs, theaters, and corporate events. He's been featured by everyone from the New York Times to Penthouse Magazine, and appeared on Craig Ferguson, E! True Hollywood Story, ESPN, VH1, Showtime, and on local news from Miami to Boston. And then there's the half million friends on MySpace and 200K on Facebook. How did he do it? Combining new media marketing, comprehensive organization, and creative branding, Hofstetter takes a business approach to show business. Find out how you can, too - and don't get ripped off in the process.

Video Samples
The videos below illustrate Hofstetter's teaching style - simple, to the point, and easy to understand.


"No one knows the business side of the comedy better than Steve. His seminar is the equivalent of a comedy MBA in our industry."
-Tony Deyo

"Steve makes it clear that being funny is only a start - if you're a comedian you are running your own business and have to think about marketing to your customers."
-Shaun Eli

"Thanks for the seminar. It was really the first I ever saw someone breakdown the biz in a way that even I could understand. Anyone who doesn't take your seminar is adding another 4-7 years of taking industry knocks."
-Denis Donohue

"I have worked with many comics over the years (20 year vets) and quite a lot of what you taught last night isn't even within their knowledge base. It was Very Good! I just hope that most of those attending understood the magnitude of what you were passing on."
-Brad Szollze

"I've found your seminars to be a great value. Full of practical information and highly useful for comics of any level."
-Larry DeFelice

"I always had the jokes but not the business sense. Steve Hofstetter's seminar helped me enormously thinking about the way I'm marketing myself. As well as motivation. Yeah you throw down a couple bucks to hear it, but you make the money back if you do what he says. Don't go if you have an 'interest' in comedy. Go if your itching for gigs to the point you can't sleep."
-Alec Sobel

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Concepts and Theory
Subjects include:
Bookers & Timelines, Investing in Yourself, Creative Thinking, Resources, Dealing With Personnel, Professionalism, Networking, and more!
Key Takeaways:
7 types of personnel, "Booker Dating Theory," the 6 best things to invest in, and the 5 different markets.

Defining Your Brand
Subjects include:
Study of Successful Brands, Difference between a Gimmick and a Brand, 4 Ways to Define Your Brand, and more!
Key Takeaways:
10-part brand matching exercise, find your brand exercise, Build-Your-Brand philosophy

Press and Publicity
Subjects include:
Press Advantages, Creating Celebrity, Approach Process, and more!
Key Takeaways:
6 types of press, approach lists

Web 2.0 & Viral Marketing
Subjects include:
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Viral Theory, Travel Sites, and more!
Key Takeaways:
3 ways to predict the next big thing, page vs. profile, three things that make videos viral