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Hay-J is a stand up comedian who can appeal to all types of audiences with his quick witted style. Taking current events and giving them a different point of view combined with a rapid fire delivery allows Hay-J to keep audiences laughing no matter what the topic may be. Whether it is co-hosting a show for the John Casablanca Models or cohosting Black Bike Week at Myrtle Beach, Hay J is a comedian on the rise!

Being the winner or finalist in 5 different comedy competitions across the country has allowed Hay J to be exposed to many different types of stand up comedy. Hay J has delivered laughs in 5 -30 minute sets across the country with the likes of Charlie Murphy, Guy Torry, Ray Lipowski, Rich Guzzi, Hope Flood, Tony Woods, Geoff Tate, Jeremy Essig, & Spike Davis to name a few!

Finally, Hay J was the winner of the 2013 Funny Bone Comedy Competition and is a regular host for comedy/charity shows for Dave & Busters in Cincinnati, Ohio

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