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Friday, 3/18/2011 07:21 PM

The thing about comedy

Ya see the thing about comedy is, its not always funny. I mean funny is funny Right? But not to everyone. I think John Candy was a genius but not everyone wants to watch uncle buck with me. Some People think that the Ramblings of Dennis Miller equate to Hillarity of Apocoliptic Proportions... While others think he is a Popus windbag spouting the intellectual equivalent of dirty limericks. But if there were a mathimatic equation for humor it would surely be measured by the number of laughs per punchline divided by the actual number of "fans" present at a specific show. If you have 3 fans in an audience of 6 you are going to have an exeptional number of Laughs, no matter how funny you actually are. So getting laughs does not make you a comedian by the same token getting no laughs at a show doesn't make you dennis miller. Was that funny? -Jamey

Monday, 2/28/2011 11:53 AM

Dick Jokes

I want to take the opportunity to say thank you for hosting comedy night to Dicks Last Resort in San Diego. Jon Allen Promoted the show and brought David Huntsberger down from LA to Headline. There was even a musical act that sang songs about blow jobs, Ha its funny because its true! I have done other shows with David & Jon in the past but this one had something the others didn't... Pay! Yea Money. I have done lots of gigs where you compete with waiters, loud bar tenders other comedians walking in front of the stage & talking to people while you try to engage the audience, and I have fallen flat plenty (I have died worse deaths on stage). But I saw something last night that made me want to try harder as a comedian to earn the laughs. I saw David Huntsberger reach deep to try to pull in an audience that didn't know they were an audience, they thought they were a bunch of people who skipped out on the Oscar Parties to eat some ribs and drink some beers. To be fair he died too; but he refused to give up, working the audience for every chuckle...and he earned every one of those chuckles. I look forward to the next challenging audience, and I will not give up until my throat is parched, my creativity drained and the cries of "GET OFF THE STAGE" have subsided. -Jamey

Thursday, 2/17/2011 01:13 AM

I remember when the News was Reality TV

Another Hotel room, Not quite as nice the last one. But here I am watching another reality show on TV. Not the same rotund group from last week, no. This was a bunch of skinny Whiney screaching Prima Donnas. Why I switched off the Food network I can't remember. American Idiot uh Idol is possibly the worst thing ever, everone now believes they can be the next Huge talent in America. But the truth is I could not have been more entertained. Not in a Wow that was a great Vocal kind of way but more like a Wow those trains are about to slam into each other kind of way. Apparently the new tactic on this show is that when you perform really poorly you are suposed to Plead and Beg and offer sexual favors to Ryan Secrist to get a second chance. okay maybe no sexual favors were offered to the Holy one, but I am taking Notes. So if I am Dying on stage and you happen to be at the show Just tell me to get of the damn stage, Or Laugh & applaud wildly and meet me near the bathrooms afterwards. thank you, thank you very much. -Jamey

Wednesday, 2/9/2011 12:33 AM

What a Fricken Loser

So I am sitting in a hotel room in Las Vegas (nice room), in the warmth of the glow of a Big screen TV, watching the "Biggest Loser" and I feel close to these people. I don't want to feel close to them! of course if I were close to them I would look a little less fatass than I do now. I know I am not the only fat guy who is watching this right now thinking; damn I bet that Gym Smells bad. No way you can call this Reality TV, because it's been on the air for like five years and not once have I ever heard a fart in the Gym. I know we don't want to think about it but lets be honest it happens, especially when you change your diet. I may however be the only fat guy watching this while eating a cheese burger from the Hotel Resturant (needs bacon). I really need to get on a diet program again. Of course that will mean I have to write new material, becuase lets face it nobody wants to see an average size guy do fat Jokes. And writing new material can be way harder than doing sit ups. So I will close with the immortal words of Kevin Smith who said "Okay, I'll get off of this plane... as soon as somebody gets me a Shoe horn big enough to pry my fat ass out of the seat." Peace out -jamey

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